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    Maharana Pratap

    Maharana Pratap also known as Pratap Singh was born on 9, May 1540 and passed away on 19, January 1597. He was a Rajput king who ruled the region of Mewar which was in the north- west India. At present, it is the state of Rajasthan.

    Maharana Pratap's parents were Udai Singh II and Jaiwanta Bai. Pratap Singh was crowned as the king on 1, March 1572. During that time the capital of Mewar was Chittor.

    The Battle of Haldighati:

    Maharana Pratap ruled the wooded and hilly kingdom of Mewar as the fertile eastern region was lost to the Mughals. During those days, the Mughal emperor was Akbar. Akbar demanded Maharana to become a vassal and surrender just like many other Rajputs, but Maharana refused. Akbar even tried to turn Maharana’s people against their king. This result was war.

    Before the war, Maharana's younger brother Shakti Singh had jonied the Mughal. As soon as he came to know about the war, he came back to his brother and warned him. As soon as Pratap came to know about Akbar's intensions, he asked his subjects to move to Aravali mountains and not to leave anything for the Mughal army.

    The battle of Haldighati was fought between Maharana Pratap who had a force of around 400 Bhil archers and 3,000 cavalry, and Akbar. Man Singh I of Amber who led Akbar's forces had a force of around 5,000-10,000 men. The victory was Akbar's; however, they could not capture Pratap as he escaped. It is said that Maharana’s famous horse Chetak gave his life in the attempt to save his king's life.

    During this battle, Pratap was badly wounded and went into hiding with his trusted soldiers. The Mughals captured Gogunda and nearby areas as well. However, their victory was short lived. As soon as the emperor’s attention diverted, Maharana Pratap came with his soldiers and captured western region.

    There were rebellions at various parts of Punjab, Haryana etc. as a result the Mughals relaxed their threat to Mewar. Later in 1585, Akbar moved to Lahore and was there for 12 years. During time Maharana Pratap recaptured Western Mewar including Gogunda, Udaipur and Kumbhalgarh and built a new capital Chavand.

    Death of the Legend:

    Maharana Pratap went to a hunting expedition in Chavand and sustained major injuries. That was the reason for his death at the age of 56 on 19, January 1597. His eldest son Amar Singh I succeeded him.

    Maharana Pratap's warfare methods were so well known and fabulous that it was later elaborated even by Shivaji Maharaja.

    This great king is remembered for fighting for his nation, for his people and for his dignity.

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