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Sadh community is believed to be one of the richest caste in India, and it they are known for their monotheistic religion or the believer that there is only one god and their belief is that "the true name" or also known as the "Satnam". The Sadh community follows the Sadh religion and like other religion it is also independent and has its own belief and rituals. People of the Sadh community follow certain strict beliefs like the adults of the community or the sect have to wear white garments only, and are prohibited from consuming intoxicants and animal foods. Drinking of liquor is considered as very bad thing in the community and is against their belies as mentioned in their holy book" nirvana Gyan. They believed in the policy of identifying true self and worship from the heart and do not worship any idols.

The people of the Sadh community gathers every month on the day of full moon in Chowki, which is the sacred place for worship for them and is known as their temple, where the Mohrayat also known as the priest chants the sacred text from Pothi which is their Sacred book and after the auspicious ceremony then prasad is distributed to all the people gathered there.

The people of the Sadh community gather once in a year for the Bhandara or the mass distribution of the food, in which people from Sadh community all across the India joins and distributes food and organises langar to feed food to the people irrespective of their religion, Sadh community is spread all across India and majorly found in parts like Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, Mumbai, Surat, Rajasthan, Bangalore, Kolkata.