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The Maheshwari community hails from the business and mercantile society and is a proud group of more than three million people. This community is full of myths and legends and has a deep-seated history. Since the early 19th century, they have been a predominant business community against customs such as purdah system, dowry and child marriage, all of which is admirable. Raj Bahadur Shyam Sunderlal Loiwal was the first Maheshwari reformer. The Maheshwaris as a community is very charitable and enterprising. The Birlas were one of the first Maheshwari who started a jute mill. Within the Maheshwaris, marriage within the same Gotra is a strict no-no and is forbidden.

Their official language is Rajasthani or Marwari they generally and more often than not have an innate competence in the field of business and finance. It is a tradition that the men in the family have to get their heads shaved if a member of their family dies. Usually, it is only the sons who have to go through with this ritual in other communities like the Marwari community. The Maheshwaris are very religious people and they worship Lord Shiva and the Goddess Parvati. All in all, they are a very tight-knit community with rigid norms and customs.