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Agrawal is a community found throughout northern India, including in Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab, Delhi, and Uttar Pradesh. Before the partition of India in 1947, people of the community were also found in modern-day Punjab province of Pakistan.

The texts and legends of the Agrawal community trace the origin of Agrawals to the legendary king Agrasen of the Solar Dynasty (Suryavansh)) who adopted Vanika dharma. Literally, Agrawal means the "children of Agrasen" or the "people of Agroha", a city in ancient Kuru Panchala, near Hisar in Haryana region said to be founded by Agrasen. Members of the Agrawal community are known for their business acumen and have for many years been influential and prosperous in India. Other related communities include Vaishya Vanis, Khandelwals, Maheshwaris and Oswals.