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Patel, an Indian surname originally represents a caste of agricultural workers, mainly in the state of Gujarat. It was once considered to be the status name of Hindu and Parsi origin. But later the surname was adopted by the Patidar community of land owners. Leuva and kadva are the two major branches of people bearing this surname. The main criteria of distinguishing the branches are geographic location and variations in the cultural practices. The word Patel derives from the word community Patidar. It literally means a person who holds pieces of land called Patis. Historically the surname was originated in the Indian state of Gujarat and it was found to be the most common surname. Nowadays, the name can be found in a wide variety of regions in India. According to a recent report 80.8% of all the bearers of the surname Patel are residents of India.

Patel also ranked as the 172 nd most common surname. Most of them worked in blue collar jobs and used their savings to up to buy property, this inn turn transformed into businesses.

On concluding, Patel is a very famous caste. The people of this community originated in Gujarat and they spread across the world in large numbers.