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Rajpurohit, a subgroup having roots in Rishikul comprises of Hindu Brahmins. They are associated with the ruling class of a kingdom and are considered as the oldest Brahmins. They were famous for proving selfless service to the state as they were not only involved in religious duties but also guardian the state. They were so much involved in the education of princes, guiding King, mentoring royal, advisory, performing all their religious duties. Guru Dronacharya and kripacharya were the Rajpurohits of ancient time. The actively participated in the war of Mahabharata during the fall of Dvapara Yuga. At present also, Rajpurohits trace the spirit of the martial hood.

At present, Rajpurohits majorly dwell in Rajasthan. There are approximately 100 sub-castes of Rajpurohit. Some of them are Gundecha, Santhua, Vyas, Ojha, Ajariya, Titopa, Sepau, Radbada, etc. Each Rajpurohit sub-caste is associated with one ruling ancient Kshatriya clan or the other. Marriage relationships between their families associated with different gotra was a common practice.

They always believe in preserving the Hindu Vedic Culture as they are believers indo-Aryan Sanatana Dharma. They also have a tradition of having Janeu in males. Janeu is considered as a sacred thread which reminds the bearer to lead a life with purity. Normally, they use Rajasthani or Marwari language for speaking in western Rajasthan.

To conclude, Rajpurohit is a selfless community and they always work for the welfare of society.