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The word Iyer is taken from the title ayya garu which is also called as ayyaru. it is often used by Tamil people as a salutation for a respectable person. In some other references the word Ayyaru has the meaning -elder brother. Iyer is the title given to the Tamil brahmin community of Tamil region. During the times of the maharajas or kings of Mysore, the Iyer community migrated from the madras province to Mysore. The Iyer community is spread in India in parts like in Maharashtra, Delhi they are prominently found the southern part of India like Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Mysore, etc. Iyer is not only a clan name but they also take it as their surname and they use another surname like Bhattar. Most of the Iyer community people are the strong followers of the principle and ideas of Adi shankara. Like all the other brahmins the Iyers are also classified on the basis of their gotras.

The Iyer community in following their traditional culture and follow the rites and rituals in the same manner as being followed in the Tamil region, most of them perform daily pooja and have food only when the first meal is offered to their deities. In some parts of southern India Iyers still follows orthodox lifestyle and follows the traditional customs and rituals. The Iyer community has been a strong promoter and follower of art and science artist like Usha Uthup, Shankar Mahadevan have given commendable contribution in the field of music and not only music but Iyer community has made their mark in the field of journalism , literature , exotic and ethereal temple architecture.