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Gaur or Goud or sometimes also spelt as Gawd brahmins got their name from their main place of origin which is from the Gaur Pradesh of Bengal. Gaur brahmins are considered to be a rather superior community among the brahmins. The gaur Pradesh or sometime also known as the Gaud Pradesh was founded by Lakshmana and so it was given the name as Lakshmanavati and it was known as Gouda and then Gour, it is believed from the history that due to the Muslims invaded Bengal in 11th century the Gour brahmins moved to the northern India and other parts of India.

From their main region of origin the gaur brahmins are spread all over India in parts like Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, Maharashtra, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Goa, etc. the gaur brahmins are further divided into two main branches and those are Durga upasak and Saraswati upasak, where Durga upasak are commonly known as Gaur and Saraswati upasak are commonly known as the gaur saraswat and their region of migration from their place of origin is also different from each other.

The history of the Gaur brahmin community is vague and so according to it is believed that King Parikshit did a Maha Yajna for which he was advised by rishis or saints that to perform that yajna or yagnas Gaur Brahmins are needed to be present. Thus, Parikshit invited Gaur Brahmans from Bengal. After the Yajna was over the Brahmins asked to return back to their native place. But were requested to stay there by King Parikshit. The Brahmins then questioned Parikshit that there are not suitable brahmin girls available in his kingdom and hence how will the continue their clan and so the King Parikshit proposed an offer in front of them to marry the girls of his kingdoms, to maintain a relationship