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Vellalars Families List :


Pillai is a high-ranking sub group of the elite caste of landlords called Vellalars. It is widely believed that the word Vellalar is from Vellanmai meaning to cultivate. The Vellalars or the Pillai community people were mainly lord in wet- land villages which they controlled. Pillai community is small but significant in terms of their contribution to the society. Tamil Nadu is believed to be their main place of origin, but now they are spread all across southern India including Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala, Orissa, etc. with majority of present around districts of Tamil Nadu and those are Tirunelveli, Tuticorin, Kanyakumari and also Tanjavur. Vellalars or Pillais can also be found outside India, like in Malaysia, Sri Lanka and in some parts of Chennai. They are divided into two groups and those are Saiva Vellars and Asaiva Vellars, they are so classified on the basis of their believes and their lifestyle difference from one another. Saiva Vellalar are those who are pure vegetarians and are the devoted worshipers of Lord Shiva and Asaiva Vellalar are those who are non-vegetarians and are also the worshippers of Lord Shiva. The Saiva Vellalara are known to give more importance to education and promoting sturdy rightful believes and are and are referred to as those brahmins who does not accommodate priestly duties. In Tamil Nadu they are known as ‘whites’ due to their food habits, way of living, their believes in different sectors etc. Most of the Pillai community people are involved in the education sector and also in the sector of bureaucracy and business.