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Lingayat, also known as the Virashaiva community and are mostly Hindu and are spread all across the southern India in parts like Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and is believed to be the worshiper of the Lord Shiva. The Lingayat community got its name from the "Lingam", which is a small and holy representation that symbolizes lord Shiva, which both the men and women always wear hanging by a cord around their necks, in place of the sacred thread worn by most upper- caste Hindu men. The religion followed by the Lingayat community people is Lingayatism, and it was founded, or we can say revived and flourished by the 12th-century philosopher and statesmanBasava in Karnataka, India. There are various theories related to the origin and beliefs of the Lingayat community, but by following major of the sacred beliefs the Lingayat community people are strictvegetarians and some Devoted Lingayat community people do not consume beef, or meat of any kind including fish, consumption of liquor is strictly prohibited. Lingayat community people follows and believes in Lingayatism which is often considered as a Hindu sect,as it shares beliefs with that of the Indian religions, [6][8][note 5] Lingayatism also "makes several departures from mainstream Hinduism," [8] and rejects the authority of the Vedas, the caste system and the Hindu concepts of reincarnation and karma.