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Iyengar is a caste of Tamil origin Hindu Brahmins whose members follow the Visishtadvaita beliefs founded by Ramanuja. Iyengarss are divided into two sections, the Vadakalai and the Thenkalai. The Iyengar community inherits it's origin from )Nathamuni, the first Sri Vaishnava acharya, who lived around 900 CE. A century later, Ramanuja became the major among spiritual leaders who made the hard work of Nathamuni as a religion. Ramanuja developed the beliefs of Visishtadvaita and has been described by Harold Coward as "the beginning explainer of Sri Vaisnavite scripture." A typical Iyengar wedding is consist of the following events: Vethalaipakku, Pandalkal, Janwaasam, Nischayathartham, Nandi or Vratham, Kashiyathrai, Oonjal, Piddishuttal, Kanyadaanam, MangalyaDharanam, Akshathai, Homam, Saptapadi, Nagoli, Vasthra, Gruhapravesham, SambandhiVirandhu, Reception, and Nalangu. The Iyengar community is spread in India in parts like Tamil Nadu ,Kerala, Telangana, etc. Of all the types of Yoga, Iyengar yoga is a form of yoga that holds the powers to help and heal the body. Iyengar yoga is one of the most helpful yoga forms for people who want to relieve mental and spiritual stress and it has been around for over 70 years and since it is a form of yoga, it is based on practices that are thousands of years old. According to Iyengar NYC, the method of this form of Yoga is thoughtful, intellectual and transformative. It has the tools that help to create and keep up health and energy, mental simplicity, emotional calmness, and spiritual well-being. The main characteristics of Iyengar Yoga is to improve the strength and stamina.