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Jainism can be attributed to the sixth largest religion of the Jain community that is practiced through the country of India. The doctrine of the Jain community teaches that Jainism has existed since times immemorial and will continue existing for a long time to come. The number of Jain communities in India and overseas exceeds 110. They are usually divided into 6 different categories depending upon their historical and current residence:

  • 1. Central India
  • 2. Western India
  • 3. Northern India
  • 4. Eastern India
  • 5. Southern India
  • 6. Overseas Jains

The Jain population in India according to the 2011 consensus is about 0.37% although it is a huge possibility that the actual numbers of the Jain communities and individuals in India might be much higher than what the consensus states. The literacy rate in the Jain community is very high as compared to the national average (as high as 94.1%).