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Labana Sikh Families List :


There are various theories related to the origin of the word Labana, it is believed to be a fusion of two words, from loon (salt) and Bana means trade, and the lubana, Lobana or libana community people were undoubtedly the great salt trading caste. According to Gurmat Prakash, Lobana or Lubana also means who wear Iron Dress, that is the dress of Military person. They also mentioned that Lobana community people were Military persons who served in Guru's army.

The Lubana community is known for its valour and their brave participation in the battles fought by them. It is believed that after the death of the eighth guru in 1664, Guru Harkrishan, there was a state of confusion about the identification of his successor. According to Sikh legends, Makhan Shah, a great trader of the Labana tribe community, identified Guru Teg Bahadur as the successor of Guru Harkrishan. Even after that Makhan Shah was very helpful to Guru Teg Bahadur during his preaching and hard times. The Labana community people participated in battles fought by the tenth Guru.

The Labana community people are very friendly and wherever they have settled they named their villages as Tandas. Tanda in local language means a travelling body campsite. By the mid-nineteenth century, the Labanas at some places owned not only just a part of villages, but also entire villages and even huge clusters of villages. Earlier the Labana community was mainly found in Punjab but now they are spread all across India in parts like, Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Rajasthan, etc. The Labana community now holds a rich status pf being good in the landholding business and is a landholding rich community.