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Kodavas are a warrior race, like the Kshatriyas. There are a bunch of theories about the birth of Kodavas. According to one assumption, Kodavas are the descendants of a certain race who entered into the Indus Valley during the Mohenjo-Daro era and afterwards migrated down to Coorg. The most interesting theory says that at some stage in the conquest of Alexander the Great, numerous of the Indo-Greek soldiers stayed back in India who then moved down the south, married the people and settled in this hilly region which is today known as Kodava. Kodavas have no similarity with any Dravidian race. They do not celebrate any of the Hindu festivals. Kodavas are nature and ancestor worshipers. They don't have a deity. Kodavas celebrate 3 major festivals. First is Puttari which means new rice, and Puttari or Huthari is the rice harvest festival in Coorg. It is usually celebrated during end of November or early December. Cauvery Shankramana festival is to mark the renewal of the river Kaveri. The theertha water (Holy water) rises every year. Kailpodh is celebrated at the close of agricultural season and it is a festival of Arms. Kodavas are pure non-vegetarian. Their Pork curry which is known as Pandi curry is a very popular dish.  Kodavas have distinctive dresses, the men wearing wraparound robes called the Kupya (now only seen at ceremonial occasions), and the women with a distinctive style of wearing the Saree.