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The Lohar or Luhar are commonly known as blacksmiths. The word Lohar is derived from the Sanskrit word "lauha-kara", which means "a worker in iron". The Lohar are known by various names in various regions like in Rajasthan, they are known as Gaduliya, in Himachal Pradesh they are known as Shilpkar. They are spread all across India in parts like, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Maharashtra, Haryana, Gujarat, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, etc. There are various tales and stories associated with the origin of the Lohar community in association with its link to various mythological stories. But the origin of the Lohar community is believed to be associated with the Lord Vishwakarma, who is the god of architecture and craftsman.

Lohar community people are traditionally engaged into the business of casting and moulding Iron and are iron-workers and blacksmiths. They are skilled at making and repairing agricultural implements like the sickle, axe and plough, etc as well as pans, knives, scissors, grills and cages. And not only they are known for making things they are skilled ate fixing and reshaping as well like they also fix iron shoes on the hoofs of bullocks. Some of those living in cities work in government and private service or industrial work. Apart from the traditional occupation many Lohar community people are engaged in the Agriculture business as well. Some of the Lohar practice share-cropping and work as daily-wage laborers. In some towns and cities, some Lohar own workshops that are fitted with modern machinery for making fine implements.