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Jangid Brahmin Families List :


The Jangid Brahmins are believed to be the successors of” Vishwakarma”, the god of fine architecture and craftmanship in the Hindu culture. The history of Jangid Brahmins is as ancient as the lord Brahmin itself who is believed to be the origin of this clan. Inheriting the art of excellent craftmanship from lord Vishwakarma, the Jangid Brahmin community people are considered to the master of exotic craftmanship, practical mechanical skills and of high intelligence.

Following the path and ideals of Maharishi Angira, who was a Jangid, the Jangid community is a strong believer in living a simple lifestyle full of contentment and optimistic vision. They also believe in poojas and yagas to remember and worship the almighty. As per Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati the Jangid brahmin samaj or community should maintain the holiness of their glorious heritage. Jangid Brahmin Clan is spread all across India but are profoundly found in Rajasthan, Haryana, Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh.

Before the commencement of the Industrial Revolution in Europe the Jangid Brahmin community members were given a high status of chief engineer or architect in the Indian culture due to their impeccable grasp on the skilful knowledge of architecture, designing as well exotic craftmanship. Their sublime perception abilities and talent gave them the opportunity and credit to create various exotic architectural designs, idols and Hindu gods and goddesses which are still made by them in some parts of India, but after the revolution their high order status has to face a downfall and their ancient skills were shattered but due to their strong technical inheritance and visionary intellect the Jangid brahmins are still considered as the craftsman of highest order and till date many engineering works are conducted by them.

To conclude the Jangid brahmins are known for their skills in the matter of engineering architecture and detailed craftmanship.