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Saraswat Families List :


There are various theories associated with the origin of the word ‘Saraswat’, one such theory is that the word Saraswat has the meaning ‘off springs of Saraswat, the goddess of knowledge and wit. Saraswat or also known as the Saraswat brahmins are the sub-group of the Hindu brahmins. The Saraswat community inherited its culture and also believed to get its name from their ancestors who used to live at the banks of the holy river Saraswati.

The Saraswat community is spread in all parts of India like, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Delhi, Punjab, Chandigarh, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, etc. The Saraswat brahmins are mentioned in most of the sacred and holy books of the Hindu mythology like, Ramayana, Mahabharat, and the Bhagavat Geeta.

The Saraswat community people are mostly Hindu and worship goddess Saraswati, Durga and shakti and also lord Shiva, Vishnu, Surya, and Ganesh. The history of the Saraswat community dates back more than a millennium from the time their ancestor saint Saraswat muni, who lived at the bank of the river Saraswati. Due to the invasion by the Portuguese on Goa, some of the Saraswat community people migrated to the Karnataka and other southern. Saraswat brahmins sometimes also refereed as the Gaud Brahmin has their lineage of Palimar math , Shri Gokarna Parthagali math was established in the year 1456 CE. The Saraswat brahmins have four Peethas or the holy pilgrimage places and those are Shri Kavale Math, Shri Chitrapur Math, Shri Gokarn Math, and Shri Kashi math.