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Rajput Families List :


"The name Rajput is derived from Rajputra word of the Sanskrit language" and is a proud people as a community. Its Sanskrit derivative literally means the king’s son. The Rajputs are spread throughout India in parts like Gujarat, Rajasthan, Orissa, Assam, Bihar etc. The history of the Rajputs dates back a staggering 5000 years. The Rajputs are primarily landowners and are into agriculture but today, that stereotype is almost finished and more and more Rajputs are gearing towards trade, doctors, and engineering and government services. The Rajputs’ position in the caste hierarchy is envied at most and the people from the lesser castes are often seen proud of their lineage as Rajputs.

It is hugely a landowning community and their basic and primary source of income is the land itself i.e. farming and agriculture. They are passed on the tips and tricks of farming through their ancestors and generation after generation, the traditions continue and live on. Family planning and all the modern medical methods and strategies are practiced by them. Meat is eaten by most Rajputs but beef again is forbidden because of the holiness that is showered on the cows in India.

To conclude, the Rajputs are considered to be fierce people who are loyal to a fault.