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Sengunthar Families List :


Sengunthar also known asKaikolar is aTamil community found in theIndian state ofTamil Nadu as well as in some parts ofKerala, Karnataka,Andhra Pradesh andNorthern Province and Sri Lanka. Sengunthars use the title ofMudaliar after their names. They are mainly divided into various sub-sects based on apatrilineal system calledKoottams, which is similar togotras. The Sengunthars claim to be the descendants of the warriors who destroyed the demon. The warriors are named as Viravagu, Virakesari, Viramahendrar, Viramaheshwar, Virapurandharar, Viraraakkathar, Viramaarthandar, Viraraanthakar and Veerathirar withSubrahmanya at their head. The first name of Sengunthar is found in 11th century. It suggests that by the time of theChola dynasty, the community had already developed its participation in weaving and trading, together with a role in military matters. After the 13th century, Sengunthars became associated with weaving completely. Many Sengunthar families were rich enough to contribute both land and gold to temples. Sengunthar Shaivite priests are vegetarian, wear thesacred thread, and shave their foreheads in the Brahmanic fashion. Both alcoholic and sexual abstinence are valued, as is control of the passions. But when they are concerned with the sacred locus of the interior, meat eating, blood sacrifice, spirit possession, and the worship of small gods are all prominent..