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Lohana, an Indian caste, also referred to as Luvana and Luhana. They traditionally largely occupied as merchants. They are divided into three separate cultural groups. There are significant differences between the language, culture, professions of Sindhi Lohanas, Kutchi Lohanas and Gujarati Lohanas. Although they are considered to be Vaishya in the Hindu ritual ranking system known as Varna, they favour a mythical kind of origin as members of the Kshatriay varna. There was a Buddhist ruler called Agham Lohana who ruled a part of Sindh and was also the Governor of Brahmanabad. He is referred to in Chach Nama and the city of Agham kot is said to be named after him.

Gujarati Lohanas mainly have ancestry in Saurashtra and they speak Gujarati whereas the Kutchi Lohanas speak Kutchi as their mother-tongue. Sindhi Lohanas are mostly muslims. Lohanas mainly follow Hindu rituals and worship Hindu gods like Shiva. They also worship avatars of Vishnu such as Rama and Krishna. The Sun is also worshipped by this Community. They celebrate almost all the festivals such as Navaratri, Diwali and Holi.Birthday of Saint Jalaram is also celebrated by them.

On concluding, Lohanas are divided into various categories and they mostly follow Hindu religion.