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Welcome to Hamare-Rishte

Hamare-Rishte Website make genealogy records (family tree) with digital technology. Our vision has been to make it easier for people around the world to use the power of the Internet to know about their family and ancestors. Hamare-Rishte is dedicated to connecting families across generations. innovations is to represent a dynamic family tree building. creating a family bond, connecting the present to the past, and build a bridge to the future.

Online Digital Family Tree


Do you know the history of your ancestors?

Do you want your information to reach future generations?

human have been using family-tree from beginning to pass their relationship with their forefather for future generations. In India This often Rao, is edited by Bhatt or Pnde. But due to present today's lifestyle has been some difficulty in the task of editing the pedigree has become the task of writing off some places.

To provide a new direction to this work and it is simple, easy and accessible to get each of our online feature digital genealogy portal (http://hamarerishte.com) has embarked on.



When you do submit your pedigree detail than autofill your relations information on this portal. So also you get your relation-map (Location detail on google-map) with family tree.

On Relation-Map you can find hometown location of your relatives on google-map.



Generation Order

You can store many generations Information here in order one by one generation. Online digital family tree (vanshavali) is a best gift to your next generation by you.

See Location Your Relatives at Google Map

Have you known about your relatives hometowns ?
We are providing this features that you can view your relatives hometown location as worldwide on google map .

Know Your Family Member's Information

You can know about your all family members and new born baby in your big family. Due to today's life style we can't meet our all family members which not closest us. so we can't know about her and new born baby in his family.

Print Family Tree (Vanshavali)

You can print vanshavali chart in special format from this portal.

www.hamarerishte.com is aimed at providing an online digital family tree (vanshavali) to acquaint you with your ancestors and get you the information about your ancestors that you can ultimately share with your future generations.

We, at hamarerishte.com, work effortlessly to promote familial relationships were the sole importance is given to the information about one’s forefathers for the future generations. This task has become increasingly difficult in today’s time, what with people having zero information or insight into their ancestors or forefathers but we, at HAMARE RISHTE do it easily and skillfully for you.

We have embarked on a digital genealogy portal http://hamarerishte.com through which, you can get a new direction of your family tree (vanshavali) in a simple, easy and very accessible way. We are adept at making genealogy records (Family trees) with digital technology. Our vision lies in our beliefs that every person has a right to know about their forefathers and their family tree (vanshavali) and essentially, where they come from through the use of the powerful tool of the internet to connect families across generations. We provide innovative ways to do the same to represent a dynamic family tree and lead you to your ancestral roots in the most hassle-free way possible.

We believe in bridging the past to the future and bringing families closer together into a tightly-knit unit that is unbreakable.

Do you know the history of your ancestors? No? Would you like to find out? Well, fear not because HAMARE RISHTE is here to drive all your worries away and bring you that much closer to your ancestors and forefathers by imparting information about them and your family tree (vanshavali) through genealogy portals and the internet in a hassle-free and easy way.

With HAMARE RISHTE, you can get to know about your ancestral family up to unlimited levels and a list of the names of the chief members of your family. You can now get your family tree and create it easily in a secure way and get your relatives on the location map through the always reliable Google Maps.

You can now get an easy and digital Vanshavali which is the Hindi word for a family tree. This digitalized version of your family tree though sounds very high tech, is not difficult to use at all. It is a very user-friendly portal and even newbies who are not very tech-savvy can easily tackle it to achieve their purposes.

Our aim

Our aim, at HAMARE RISHTE is to bridge the gap between families and generations and to bring them close together through digital technology that is fairly easy to use and to bring people closer together and get them acquainted with their ancestral roots so that they can link their present and future with their past and the future generations can know where they have come from through easy online portals. This family tree is the root of the Indian traditions and is embedded in the culture of India. We aim to basically, promote these cultures and traditions and make people join with their familial roots.