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Bunt Families List :


Bunt, also known as Nadav are a community from Karnataka,India. Traditionally, they mainly inhabit the coastal regions of Karnataka along with some neighbouring areas of Kasaragod and Kodagu. They are basically described as being the military class and the landed gentry of the cultural region of Tulu Nada. Today, they are the largely urbanized community.

According to an American anthropologist, Sylvia Vatuk states that the Bunt-Nadava community was a loosely defined social group. Majority of the Bunts living in the south speak Tulu whereas the Bunts living in the Kanara speak the Kannada language. They follow the matrilineal system of inheritance and they have around 93 clan names or surnames. In their community, members of same Bali did not intermarry. Bunts originally belonged to the warrior class. They served the ruling chiefs and this brought considerable benefits to them which allowed them to become the landowners and nobles of the region. Gopa Sabharwal mentioned that the Bunts were originally Jains who later became a Hindu caste group. Their surnames and clan names like Shetty, Rai, Ajila, banga, Ballal and Chowta are of Jain origin. The traditional houses of this community can be seen in the Tulu Nadu region.

In concluding, Blunt community is mainly found in the southern regions of India and they are known for their tradition and culture.