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Saini is a caste ofNorth India community who are said to be traditionally landowners and farmers. The Sainis claim to be the ancestors of the Rajputs of the Yaduvanshi family who ruled these kingdoms, who came to these areas to avoid the forced conversion to Islam by King Aurangzeb. The scholars stated that out of the two (Gahlot and Banshidhar) the sainis continued to maintain their Rajput character despite their adoption of agriculture or farming in the era of Muslim dominance. While the British period was going on, Sainis were classified as a constitutional agricultural tribe as well as martial race. The marital race was an organizational device based on the now-discredited theories ofscientific racism; cultural communities were divided as being either martial or non-martial, with the non-martial being those who were thought to be unfit to serve in armies due to their inactive lifestyles. Traditionally, Sainis have been married through Vedic ceremonies performed by Brahmins ofSanatani tradition. However, Sikh Sainis marry by Anand Karaj ritual. The Saini are endogamous community and observe exogamy at village and gotra level.