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    Kigs of Maurya Empire

    The Maurya Empire foundation in 321 B.C. by Chandragupta Maurya.

    Chandragupta Maurya (321-297 B.C.):
    Chandragupta Maurya succeeded to the Nanda throne in 321 B.C. after dethroning the last Nanda ruler (Dhanananda) at the age of 25. He was the protege of the Brahmin Kautilya, also known as Chanakya or Vishnugupta, who was his guide and mentor both in acquiring the throne and in keeping it.

    Bindusara (297-272 B.C.):
    In 297 B.C., Chandragupta was succeeded by his son Bindusara

    Ashoka (268-232 B.C.):
    Bindusara’s death in 272 B.C. led to a struggle for succession among his sons. It lasted for four years and in 268 B.C. Ashoka emerged successful. According to Asokavadana, Subhadrangi was the mother of Ashoka and it describes her as the daughter of a Brahman of Champa.

    Dasaratha Maurya (232 - 224 BCE):
    Dasaratha Maurya was the Emperor of the Mauryan dynasty from 232 BCE to 224 BCE. According to the Matsya Purana, he succeeded his grandfather Ashoka the Great.

    Samprati (224 - 215 BCE):
    He was the son of Ashoka's blind son, Kunala. He succeeded his cousin.

    Salisuka ( 215 - 202 BCE):
    Salisuka Maurya was a ruler of the Indian Mauryan dynasty.
    Salisuka Maurya was a ruler of the Indian Mauryan dynasty. He was the successor of Samprati Maurya. The Yuga Purana section of the Gargi Samhita mentions him as wicked, quarrelsome, unrighteous ruler, who cruelly oppressed his subjects. According to the Puranas he was succeeded by Devavarman.

    Devavarman (202 - 195 BCE):
    Devavarman Maurya was a king of the Mauryan empire. He was the successor of Salisuka Maurya.

    Satadhanvan (195 - 187 BCE):
    king of the Mauryan empire, ruled from 195-187 BCE. He was the successor of Devavarman Maurya.

    Brihadratha (187 - 185 BCE):
    He was the last ruler of the Mauryan dynasty. He was killed by his senapati (commander-in-chief), Pusyamitra Sunga.

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